Long hair routine: how to wash, dry and style

Hair Routine for Long HairWe provide tips on how to keep these locks strong and healthy. Will gradually demonstrate the effect on hair and the products used. Keep scrolling to see our regular hair care steps.

If you do not have long hair or have not grown to a certain height, hair extensions can provide you with long and thick hair within 5 minutes, and you do not need to wait for years to grow naturally.

Step 1: Brush your hair from bottom to top

Hair Routine for Long Hair

Before washing your hair, make sure to brush it off to remove tangles. Always comb your hair bit by bit from beginning to end to avoid breaking or damaging the hair.

Step 2: Unprocessed coconut oil

The secret weapon of hair beauty is Raw Coconut Oil. It is a super, powerful hair care product! It can prevent hair from breaking, moisturize hair, promote blood circulation, very rich in nutrients, and antibacterial effect. Spread it on the hair that needs the most attention. Karin focused on her goal because that was her problem. She recommends doing this at night and shampooing your hair the next morning to keep your hair in excellent condition throughout the night. If you no have time, you can put it away before taking a shower. If you can, the ideal time to stay in your hair before shampooing is 1 hour. Then, put the hair in the hair bun to end.

Step 3: Use the correct method to wash your hair

Hair Routine for Long HairThe way you wash your hair is essential to maintain healthy and beautiful long hair. Then you should know that washing your hair twice is the right way. Wash your hair twice, the first round removes all the dirt and roughness from your hair, while the second round cleans it. Then, apply conditioner to the ends of the hair to restore moisture and finish makeup.

It is recommended to use hair care products that contain natural ingredients such as coconut and argan oil. These are the ingredients to search for hair products because it is naturally healthy for the hair.

Step 4: Brush and blow-dry

After Karin’s hair has been freshly washed and conditioned, she gently brushes her hair to remove tangles. She likes to apply mousse to the roots of her hair to increase her hair quality. Make sure to roll the product into your hair evenly. Karin’s hair is very long but very thin, so this is a very effective and essential step to increase hair volume. Now, before drying, Karin splits with two pumps of nourishing serum. This serum contains argan and jojoba oil and can also double as a heat protectant. Finally, when drying her hair, Karin always turns her hair upside down to increase the volume. Try this technique, it is straightforward, and it works!

Step 5: Straightening Her Without A Straightener

The super neat technique for straightening hair without a straightener is to blow the hair straight with a brush. Obtain a sizeable ceramic round brush. The heat will be transferred to it and act as a straightening machine at the same time. Karin doesn’t cut her hair while drying because Karin is just as useful for her, and it’s super fast when letting go.

Step 6: BB cream

The final step of Karin’s hair care is to add BB cream. She only used a small amount and spread it on both ends of her. You only need a little product. Otherwise, it will make your hair look greasy, so be careful!

Step 7: Styling long hair

Hair Routine for Long HairKarin only styles her hair after washing her hair, so she only washes it twice a week. When styling her hair, Likes to tease her roots in sections. She teased her hair slightly and added a bit of hair spray to keep her teasing. If done correctly and infrequently, it will not damage the hair. She likes to perform this step because it increases the volume of hair and prevents it from becoming too greasy.

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