Five easy hair changes that will transform your look

If you are like us, the new year will bring many new feelings, including a sense of change. Maybe this is the excitement of a brand new start, or this is the monotony of the winter, but at this time of the year, there is always hope for some change. Although we understand the desire for change, we also know that you may not be committed to stamping or completely changing the color of your hair. We have summarized five different ways to improve the appearance in a new year within minutes without cutting or dyeing. fusion hair extensions for short hair

Easy hair changes – Embrace your natural texture.

5 easy hair changesTell us: we know this may be a different hug. Unless the natural hair dries out perfectly wavy or straight without frizz, exiting the hairdryer, hairdryer, straightener or curler seems a little daunting. However, the trick to embracing natural hair texture is to come up with an air-drying procedure that suits your lifestyle and hair type. If your hair is naturally dry and frizzy, there is no effect to make the hair straight and dry. Also, if your hair becomes dry, you can only dry it. By recognizing hair problems and addressing them positively, you can go heat-free, embrace the hair you were born with, and save time hair styling.


Hair oil is an excellent way to wrap natural hair, especially when you suffer from frizz. Apply a few drops of hair oil to your palm, wipe it off, and then apply it to the ends of the hair. Avoid rooting, as this can quickly cause greasy rooting, concentrate on dry, fluffy areas.


After applying the oil to the hair, you can increase the volume by combing the hair at the hair crown to style the hair partially. Use a wide-tooth comb and then comb the hair from the roots. Just spray a little hairspray to keep the hairstyle, and you are done!

Easy hair changes – Part Switch

5 easy hair changesMost of us can separate our hair to sleep. We already have the usual parts and are used to it, which is why making simple changes (such as switching the hair part) can make your entire look new. If you have ever made minimal changes to the hair, you may have received comments from your friends about your new hairstyle-this is the power of this change.

Do you usually put your hair aside? Try to switch it to the middle section, or even flip the side of the hair apart. Usually a girl in the middle? Try the darker side. At first, this simple change can be a bit daunting, because the way you split your hair can change the shape of your face and highlight certain features that you didn’t realize! If your face is round, try to elongate and make it slim. If you want to highlight the height of the bones, try using deeper side parts to attract those sharp lines.

Easy hair changes – Faux bangs

5 easy hair changesBangs is just one of the right ideas until you realize that in the next six months, instead, this year’s New Year will use fake bangs to change the appearance, these bangs are carefully made with messy hair buns. Fake bangs are a fun and creative way to improve your hairstyle. You can have bangs one day and get rid of the bangs the next day, depending on your mood. In winter, in addition to messy hair buns and large fluffy scarves, are there other comfortable things?

Step 1

Brush your hair and tie it into a high ponytail.

Step 2

When you pull the ponytail through the elastic band, stop pulling halfway through the last pull, leaving about 4 inches of end.

Step 3

Finally, fix the hair bun in place and hide the elastic band. Then brush the end in place and give yourself some fake bangs. Finally, use hair spray to fix the bangs in place.

Easy hair changes – Tuck your hair behind your ear

It seems that all of us are ready to loosen our hair to build a face. For many people, unfolded hair that can flow freely can serve as a safety blanket, but if it is intentionally folded, it can look chic, delicate, and exude confidence. This can not only easily change the hair and appearance, but also embrace the bone structure and show the beautiful face to the world.

Step 1

Gather the side of the hair behind your ears with your fingers or comb, and pull the hair forward a bit to make the hairstyle more natural and relaxed.

Step 2

After plugging your hair, fix it in place with a hairpin to keep it smooth.

It is up to you to dress as straight hair, with a rounded hairstyle, or to wear your hair naturally!

Easy hair changes – Try out long hair.

5 easy hair changesAll of us are cutting our hair in an attempt to change the appearance, but how about growing hair immediately? It is our favorite hair change because it can completely change your appearance in just a few simple steps, instantly giving you long and fluffy thick hair. If you have short hair or have thought about having thick, fluffy mermaid hair, it will be a big try. Hair extensions can not only change your hair immediately but also open up a new world of hairstyles to try out your natural hair, such as thick and long ponytails.

We hope you are inspired this year to make some creative changes to your hair. The new year is a great time to start a new look, whether from a facelift to a scratch or a new year that never heats up to embrace natural textures.

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